Sunday, 7 January 2018


Happy New Year 2018! Have you done your CNY Shopping Spree?

Recently discovered a really cheap shopping palace - GAMISS which sells a great variety of items for Women, Men and Kids! I was really surprised by how cheap their items are and they also do wholesale supply which is a great choice for those who are seeking for fashion suppliers.

Here's the link to GAMISS Website: 

GAMISS sent me some items to do a review on them, at first I didn't have much expectations for the quality of the items as they are really cheap however GAMISS did not disappoint me! The items I received are of good quality, as good as those you see in the retail shop! Let me share with you the items that I have picked and why I love them:

First item will be the Cold Shoulder Striped Top in Purplish Blue 

Cold Shoulder Striped Top - Purplish Blue 

I have picked the Cold Shoulder Striped Top in Purplish Blue, the material is actually polyester and I feel really comfortable wearing it, you can create a casual look by matching it with a shorts which is a perfect outfit for the weather in Singapore. For more information of this product, you can check out the link below:

The next item will be Embossing PU Leather Handbag in Black Color, I would recommend this bag for office ladies as the size of the bag is consider big and able to fit a lot of stuffs! The bag can be used as a handbag as well as a shoulder bag as they provide you a detachable black shoulder strap.

Embossing PU Leather Handbag - Black

detachable black shoulder strap

Zip Compartment Inside the bag

I can feel that the quality of the bag is really good according to the PU Leather, there's a zip compartment and two mini open compartment inside the bag and one open compartment in the front of the bag. The size of the bag is around (L x W X H) 30cm x 17cm x 29cm, big enough to fit an ipad. Out of the 3 items I received, this is my favorite item because I simply love the design of the bag which makes me look stylish and of course the PU leather! For more information of this product, you can check out the link below:

Last item will be Hasp 2 Pieces Crossbody Bag Set in Black

detachable gold chain

Hasp 2 Pieces Crossbody Bag Set - Black

This bag can be used as a handbag as well as a shoulder bag as they provide you a detachable gold chain. There's no zip/inner compartment inside the bag however there's a mini coin pouch included for you to keep your coins. The bag size is around (L x W X H) 21cm x 7cm x 16cm. In my opinion, the material of the bag is not really good as compared to the one above (Embossing PU Leather Handbag - Black) and the material of this bag is NOT scratch proof which means you can easily leave a scratch mark on the bag, besides that, the bag is also pretty small and suitable for those who don't bring much things out. However the price of this bag is really low as compared to the previous bag so I shouldn't complain so much because what we pay is what we get. For more information of this product, you can check out this link below:

Do check out GAMISS Website for more amazing stuffs! The price of the items are really cheap so trust me you won't regret! I hope my review was helpful and I will see you guys again in my next post! :)

Friday, 22 December 2017


Today I am going to introduce a hidden gem located at Orchard Shopping Centre, just right outside 313 Somerset, there's a interesting lifestyle concept restaurant/bar.lounge hidden in the corner which is Kuvo Singapore.

When you first enter the restaurant, you will need to take the escalator up and you will pass by their pop-up store/gift shop whereby they sell exclusive wine labels served in KUVO.

Kuvo Pop-Up Store / Gift Shop

The Pop-Up Store / Gift Shop is a great place to shop for gifts for your friends/loved ones especially during Christmas Season.

I love the restaurant's ambience and design which gives a wonderful environment to relax and dine. 

Yuzu Pear Tea

We decided to try out their fruit tea which is Yuzu Pear, basically all their gourmet tea will be served by the pot as seen in the picture above. I love their beautiful transparent tea pot and their glass cup is burn proof in which you can touch the outside of the cup without scalding your hand, how thoughtful of them. The Yuzu pear tea is a green tea blend of Kochi Yuzu, Nashi pear and white chrysanthemum.

We tasted some of the dishes in Festive Buffet With Oriental Flair and I will share with you all my review on those dishes below:


Fried Egg in Crispy Cup

The Fried Egg in Crispy Cup is crispy on the outside and inside of the cup consists of fried egg, bean sprout and shrimp and it was surprisingly not too salty.

Orange Peel Daikon Roll

The Orange Peel Daikon Roll dyed in beautiful pink is sweet and sour, appetizing and refreshing at the same time which is great for starter of a meal.

Chilled Squid in Coriander-Chilli Dressing

The squid is fresh and match the chilli dressing.

Winter Pumpkin & Spare Rib Broth

I love the Winter Pumpkin & Spare Rib Broth, the soup is sweet and addictive while the pumpkin is very soft and goes well with the spare rib.


Prawn Paste Stuffed Turkey Roulade

The Prawn Paste Stuffed Turkey Roulade is probably the spotlight of the festive buffet, after all people tend to eat turkey during Christmas. The turkey roulade is soft and tender and complements well with the prawn paste.


Turkey Wonton Noodle Soup

Normally Wonton is stuffed with shrimp, however this wonton is really unique as it is stuffed with Turkey! The wonton taste really good with the noodle soup.

Fresh Shucked Oyster

No wonder it is named as Fresh Shucked Oyster, the oysters are really fresh and the sauce given was sour and refreshing.


Champagne Pork Rib

If you are worry about having champagne taste in the Champagne Pork Rib, you can rest assure I couldn't taste that it was champagne, the sauce was abit sour and goes really well with the tender pork rib.

Snapper Loin tossed in Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce 

The Snapper Loin tossed in Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce taste very much like the Cantonese Style Sweet and Sour fish. What's unique is that it is topped with dried cranberry that make it even more appetizing.

Wok-fried Prawn with Special Sauce

The prawn is consider big as compared to other buffets outside which is very worth the price, the sauce and the prawn is in harmony. 

Garlicky Hong Kong Kailan

I find the Garlicky Hong Kong Kailan abit oily or maybe because I don't really like oily food.


Christmas Log Cake

A Christmas buffet is incomplete without the Christmas logcake, I love the beautiful design of their logcake.

Mango Sago

Mango Sago is great dessert to end our meal as it is sweet and sour and relaxing.

The Festive Buffet With Oriental Flair offers a great variety of dishes and I personally find the prices (Adult -$68++ , Child $35) quite worth it because the portion is quite big and you can defintely taste that the ingredients of the food are made of premium quality. Further more I love the great ambience and cozy environment of the restaurant which helps to lift up the mood while dining.

If you looking for a place to chill, you can proceed to their bar area in the restaurant whereby you can enjoy alcohol drinks with your friends / loved ones and relax.

The multi-award winning bartender with more than 6 years of experience around the world will bring you beautiful and unique cocktail creations that will surprise you. 

We decided to try out Jupiter which is a powerful drink with the taste of sky and thunder with a unique taste of saltiness, sweetness and complex aroma. It is a drink that rewards the brave!

Come and experience the wonderful ambience together with your friends/ loved ones this festive season at Kuvo Singapore.

Buffet dates: 
22-24 December 2017
29-31 December 2017

321 Orchard Rd, #02-01
Orchard Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238866

Check out their social media for promotions and more information:
Instagram: @kuvosingapore
Facebook: KuvoSingapore

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


I am sure every girl wants to find a bra that can give her good cleavage and at the same time feeling comfortable while wearing it all day long. If you haven found the right bra, I would like to introduce you to Upbra from USA which can help you to lift up your boobs and at the same time you will feel comfortable wearing it. If you haven't heard Upbra made an appearance on CBS The Doctors Televsion Show for a segment called "Cleavage that is Not Surgery".

This is mailing package of the Upbra

Basically what will be inside the package will be the Upbra/s that you have ordered and the instruction manual guide which also contains their contact details whereby you can contact them just in case you need any help. There's also a return and exchange form whereby if you realized that the size of the bra doesn't fit you and you can mail it for an exchange etc.

I have ordered the Upbra Convertible Bra in Solid Black & Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra in Nude color as shown in the picture below:

 Upbra Convertible Bra in Solid Black

Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra in Nude color

The Upbra Convertible Bra has convertible and removable straps however it cannot be worn strapless. If you want a strapless bra, you can go for the Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra. The Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra comes with mini cute pink bag which contains the bra straps in which you can also wear the bra with the straps.

Heart Shape Grip Support

The back of the Upbra has the heart shape pattern design, for what I know the inside of the heart shape pattern helps to grip the breasts and move them inward and upward when the cleavage control straps are pulled which allow your cleavage to stay up all day long.

Cleavage Control Straps / Locking system

This is the cleavage control strap where you can control and adjust by pulling the staps and hooking them in locking slots.

4 Hooks System

Normally the standard bra has 3 hooks however Upbra has 4 hooks which can helps to extend the life of the bra because overtime when the bra stretches, you can hook into the tighter hooks!

I tried wearing the Upbra for whole day long, personally I feel that it is really comfortable and generally gives a good cleavage! If you wish to purchase the upbra, please visit their website for more information: